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We can work together and help you prepare an accounting plan by assisting on what software to utilize, how to maintain records, payroll, budgeting/planning and reports to help management make decisions.

Having experience in financial reporting, our team will help maintain your accounting in great shape and develop reports to give you accurate picture of operations.

Tax Planning

Our team can assist with your businesses tax reporting requirements. We have experience with 1099, W-2, 941, 940 along with 1120, 1120S, 1065, K-1’s, and Schedule C, 1099’s, 1096.

We can also assist with State reporting requirements regarding Sales Tax Report and Franchise reports.

We can also assist our clients with planning for upcoming events and future projects from a tax perspective helping them understand the impact on their Federal and State reports. 

Payroll Services

We can assistance in performing calculations and issuing wire deposits for your employees and contractor. We can also perform Quarterly Payroll reports and submit any necessary reports to agencies.

Individual Consultation

We understand business operations are constantly adapting to a every changing environment. We are here to help management make decisions for the their business by performing research, having discussions and creating ad hoc reports to analysis data.

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